​​​​​Daniel Dumont   MA

 2184 Rue Aylwin,  Montréal                  Station Joliette + 5 min 👣

( OPQ 13438-18 / SKCP 531 )

In Somatic Experiencing™️ as well as in Integral Somatic Psychology™️, the work of renegotiating the trauma responses can be done in a traditional counselling space. In this space, we will explore triggering traumatic events, allowing the activation of the dysregulated survival responses in a titrated way so that they can be effectively completed without overwhelming the nervous system.

Some traumatic events involve falls which the nervous system was unable to deal with.  Somatic Experiencing™️ uses work on the floor (on a mattress) to support the renegotiation processus of this type of trauma.  We use a physio ball to stimulate the interrupted self-protective responses.  The mattress supports a sense a safety, allowing the nervous system to access those  responses without becoming overwhelmed.

Research as long established the power of touch in the co-regulation of the stress response. Both Somatic Experiencing™️ and Integral Somatic Psychology™️ use touch as one of the modalities in renegotiating trauma.  

If you're interested in using touch and if using touch seems appropriate, you will be invited to lie on a massage table, fully clothed.  Touch will be used to support your system and its return to regulation. Some clients prefer touch work on the table because it offers more support to the body and fewer verbal reports. Although not allowing the body to quite rest the same way, please note that touch work is also possible on a chair.